Be Your Own Valentine


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Be Your Own Valentine.


It's Valentine's day and my message here today is "Love yourself".

Find a way to fall in love with yourself over and over again.

Not in an egotistical self-inflated type of love.

But just simple self-love by

Offering yourself "sweetness" more often.

Do the necessary things to nourish and maintain your own well-being.


Often times we put ourselves last, especially mothers and women out there, fall into this thinking that "If I spend time for myself, that means that I'm not spending time with my family or my kids."


That is a fallacy. It is a trap. 


Because you start to judge yourself poorly when you go for a spa day or staying up a little later to watch your favorite TV show.


Over time you are programming yourself to feel guilty for giving yourself treats or some pleasure. It eventually leads to the feeling of being stressed-out, burnt-out, and run to the ground.


At the end of the day, sweetness and pleasurable activities are good things to nourish your body with. They are essential to maintaining the well-being of the body, mind, and spirit. 


If you are constantly shortchanging yourself, for example; not nourishing your body with proper nutrition, not exercising enough, choose junk food more often time than not, or deprive yourself of good sleep, you will eventually have to pay the price later.


Your physical and emotional health will be tarnished. There is no way that you will be able to show up for other people if you don't show up for yourself first. You will not be able to love others fully if you don't consistently practice self-love and self-care. Loving yourself is showing to others that you matter. And that's when others will start to truly love and respect you.


So take me up on this challenge. On this Valentine's day. Take yourself on a date. Commit to yourself.  Look yourself in the mirror and tell that person that you love him or her so much and that you've got your own back. You will do the things that are necessary to maintain your own well-being.


Stop breaking agreements with yourself and start doing things that you've been telling yourself you were going to do.


If you have been eating not-so-nutritious food, instead of saying "I am going to lose 20 lbs", just try this "I'm going eat 2 more salad this week".


If you haven't been exercising, instead of saying "I am going to wake up at 6 am and run 4 times a week", just try this "I'm going to add 10 push ups to every morning"


If you have been feeling stressed out, try adding 20 deep breaths to your day to help relax your nervous system.


Set simple and attainable goals to get some momentum and work on it on a regular basis. That's self-love.


Take the time to practice self-care, pay for self-care, get a massage, get a chiropractic adjustment, take a trip or a long-overdue vacation.


Enjoy yourself. Be more kind to yourself with your words and your thoughts.


Forgive yourself from your own judgment and from the past and remember that it's a working progress.


Love yourself. Be your own valentine.