Mindfulness and Connection

mindfulness and connection

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Happy New Year !!! It’s 2017! It’s been a fun ride, starting a podcast and learning new things and meeting new people.

Let’s get on with it. 

I'm going to talk about mindfulness and connection and what does it mean to have more connection?

In today’s society, we live in the age of technology and it’s becoming more and more apparent that many of the tasks are being automated. Whether it’s the automated phone system when you call in for customer services at big companies. Whether it’s self-check out system at the grocery store. To promote efficiency and cost-cutting for the company, but it also cut out the human connection.


To me, mindfulness is a practice, a practice that helps enrich my life.


Allows me to experience the moment fully without the pollution of thoughts and judgments. Allows me to directly connect with the experience. However, many many times slept I fall out of my minsfulness practice. And I noticed that my body start to tense up I notice that I started to have anxiety. When I fall away from the mindfulness practice. And I had to pull myself back into a state that is calmer. It has been a constant push and pull trying to find the balance. But the more I devote myself to practice, my quality of life improves.


Your mindfulness practice does not have to be formal on the mat type sitting meditation.


It can be anything. Whatever that thing is, just fully engage 100% of your conscious attention.

If I am cooking I am fully engaged in the act of cooking, cutting the vegetables and enjoying every single moment of it. If I am with a person I notice the shape of their eyes, their facial expression, and I try to listen fully to all the words that come out.

I aim to listen to understand instead of listening to reply. To which since started doing the podcast I've got somewhat better at doing. 

Being mindful and bring present the same thing. Being mindful does not mean that you completely disengage in the worldly matters or indifferent to the subject matter. 

I encourage you to be more mindful, to have more connection in your life. To have more connection with the people around you. To notice and acknowledge another human being as beautiful being that it's no different and you are.


I encourage you to be more mindful, to have more connection with your act. To have any intention behind your doing. To be aware of the racing mind. If you are showering just shower and focus on cleansing your body washing your hair. 


Encourage you to be more mindful, to have more connection with your work. To keep in mind the essence of your work and why you are doing what you do. To appreciate the opportunity given. Which I talked about before in the previous episode if you look back in the archive.


Most importantly I encourage you to be more mindful, to have more connection with yourself. To know your feelings. To know what decision to make for the greater good of yourself. To be in-tuned with your intuition. To be able to differentiate between the constructive criticism and self-sabotaging dialogues and keep what’s important. To be more more kind and loving to yourself.


I wish everybody to have a  better and deeper connection in 2017. Good luck and have fun on your journey.

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