007: Six Steps to Transform Your Life With Scott Riley


007: Six Steps to Transform Your Life With Scott Riley

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Just a little over two years and 100 lbs ago, Scott Riley was suffering from a severe case of Rheumatoid Arthritis. He was on a toxic cocktail of ineffective pharmaceutical drugs and barely leaving his small apartment in Ireland with physical pain and shame about his appearance.

Through a series of giant leaps, Scott completely transformed his reality and learnt that life runs on momentum. Better still, he learnt to hack this principle and apply it to smaller steps by affecting the areas of life we have control over: Drinking, Eating, Sleeping, Breathing, Moving and Thinking.

Having regained his health, Scott made a promise in the Peruvian Amazon to share this message of holistic health and wellbeing to others around the world. Offering personal and group coaching through Causeway Living, he learnt the hard way to health so others don't have to. 


  • Scott's journey to overcome his autoimmune condition that started with juicing and ended in the Amazonian jungle of South America.
  • His experience with plant medicine; (San Pedro and Ayahuasca) 
  • What is plant medicine and its role in healing?
  • The Six-Week-Shift Program for health transformation
  • The Six Pillars of Health [Drinking/Eating/Sleeping/Breathing/Moving/Thinking]
  • The benefit of bringing mindfulness into the kitchen
  • The reason why it's so important to make your bed every morning
  • 6-Simple Steps to sleep like a baby [U.S.L.E.E.P.]
  • How LED light/screen light effect your hormonal system and your sleep pattern
  • The concept of "Working-in" instead of "Working out", focusing on creating energy rather than expending your energy
  • Scott's method of dealing with stress by using Wim Hof's breathing technique
    • Take 30-40 deep breaths
    • Hold your breath on the last exhalation as long as possible
    • Repeat that 3-5 times
  • The story behind the name "Causeway Living"

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