045: The Art of Fitness with The Body Architect: Julian Hayes II

Julian Hayes II is an author, health & wellness consultant, nutrition coach, and a sleep science coach. He's the founder of The Art of Fitness & Life where his mission is to help busy men & women entrepreneurs and small business owners transform their body and mind through health & wellness, which serves as their impetus for growth and expansion in all other facets of their life. And on an organizational level, Julian's mission is to help businesses & teams transform their culture and company through health and wellness, which serves as their impetus to creating a greater impact on their industry and in the world.




  • The Approach to Life, Body, and Fitness. The problem is We don’t have a vision for what we want.
  • The allure of instant gratification
  • The Transformation Mindset
  • What to do when we fall short?
  • Reverse engineer the final product that you desire
  • Aim for Daily Single over Homerun to change habit
  • Go from Zero to Hero with Fitness
  • Treat your fitness like a dating life.
  • Allow Prep time for your sleep, have a sleeping ritual.
  • Digital Detox
  • F-Lux (app)

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