042: Master Your Mindset for Your Health and Life with Dr. Jason Richardson


Jason Richardson is a Corporate Trainer and the highest educated Action Sports Athletic Speaker in the country. He has helped teams and clients attain and maintain their high performance levels. Dr.jRich delivers the Gold Medal Mindset for a Championship Life by inspiring, educating, and challenging people to take ownership and action of their work, play, and life! 

Jason always looked beyond his fields of play was much bigger than just his sport and worked to build advantages that would carry him through life. Throughout his athletic career, Jason set his eyes on several finish lines, earning a BA in Philosophy in 1997, an MBA in 2000, and his Doctorate in Psychology in 2010, while maintaining an ambitious competition schedule during most of his academic pursuits. 

You can learn how he leveraged his success story in his book, “It’s all BS! We’re All Wrong, And You’re All Right!”, which explores our Belief Systems (“B.S.”) in a very approachable fashion...!




  • #1 Defining your own success
  • #2 Find the many different ways to get there
  • The power of the purpose
  • Making an Impact every single day
  • Intention brings the intensity
  • Gold Medal Mindset in family life
  • The importance of visualization

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