034: The Pain Down There: Dr. Michael Johnson


My guest today is spine specialist, Dr. Michael Johnson.  He will be discussing mechanically induced Pelvic Pain and Organic Dysfunction.  What it is, what causes it, and most importantly what can be done for it.  Dr. Johnson is the host of The Back Doctors Podcast.

The Back Doctors podcast is weekly conversations with doctors from around the world sharing patient stories as they inform, educate, and offer hope for the millions of people who have back pain.

Dr. Johnson practices in Richmond, Indiana and is a 1988 graduate of Palmer College and has been a Certified Cox Technic doctor for over 20 years.



  • Mechanically induced pelvic pain and organic dysfunction
  • Different Regions of pelvic pain
  • 3 Areas of organic dysfunction/pain - bladder, bowel, reproductive organs
  • What does the history of Unknown Miscarriages may mean?
  • Vulvodynia

Connecting with Dr. Johnson




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