033: Embracing Anxiety with Tim JP Collins

Tim JP Collins is a speaker, coach, and also hosts a podcast called "The Anxiety Podcast", where Tim brings on guests to explore the subject of anxiety. He provides unique insights and inspiration to people who are dealing with anxiety and stress, and also how social media plays a role in our lives. So if you are dealing with anxiety and stress, this episode is one not to miss.




  • Numbing Anxiety with Alcohol or external substances
  • Anxiety is a reflection of how out of alignment we are in life
  • Depression vs. Survival
  • Stress is a socially acceptable word for society
  • Approaches to help with Anxiety
  • Medication numbs the problems
  • Stop Coping and Start Changing
  • Life is happening to you vs. it’s happening for you.
  • Micro exposure to anxiety to move them closer toward their end goals
  • Active vs Passive Meditation for Tim
  • What has Tim learned since starting his podcast
  • Social Media and Anxiety

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