030: Sandi Rocco: Heart-Centered Transformation

sandi rocco

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Sandi Rocco is a Certified Health Coach, and Nutritional Therapist through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Sandi has studied Chinese herbology and Ayurvedic medicine and completed Dave Osprey’s Bulletproof Health Coaching Program. She was able to overcome stuttering and shyness by becoming a world class champion ice skater, roller skater and salsa dancer.

Sandi works one-on-one with her clients, providing the individual attention they deserve. She leads by example, not just focusing on what is wrong, but on what is possible. She inspires and motivates while creating a wellness plan that helps you achieve your goals and creates a healthier lifestyle.



  • Bringing Heart to the transaction
  • What does it mean to be heart-centered
  • The most common misconception of fat loss/weight loss.
  • Sacrifice vs Upgrade, the power of words
  • You didn’t Fail, the Plan failed you
  • Accepting what they are resisting
  • To have a beginner’s mind
  • Addressing the rebound effect after accomplishing the goal

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