029: Dr. Peter Osborne: The Gluten Free Whiplash


Dr. Peter Osborne is the clinical director of Origins Health Care in Sugar Land, Texas. He is a Doctor of Chiropractic, Doctor of Pastoral Science, and a Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist.


Often times referred to as “The Gluten Free Warrior”, he is one of the most sought after alternative medicine doctors in the world. His practice is centered on helping those with painful chronic degenerative and autoimmune diseases using natural methods. He is one of the world’s leading authorities on gluten sensitivity, and lectures nationally to both the public as well as doctors on this and many other nutritionally related topics. He is the founder Gluten Free Society and he is out the world about gluten. We are going to dive into his book No Grain No Pain

Dr. Osborne has served as the executive director and the vice president of the American Clinical Board of Nutrition. He is on the advisory board for Functional Medicine University.


  • Dr. Osborne's journey
  • Fasting shows the reduction in pain for chronic pain patient
  • Non-responsive autoimmune patient
  • Do you have to be grain-free to have good health?
  • US government banned the sales of processed grains in 1943 due to the widespread nutritional deficiencies (B1 - Beri Beri, B3 pellagra)
  • Correlation between processed grains and heart diseases
  • Big discrepancy between the patient's perception of what doctors should know what they actually know
  • 46-50 million diagnosed autoimmune diseases, 100 millions people with autoimmune mechanisms
  • Links of autoimmune condition to gluten
  • How do grains cause nutritional deficiency?
  • ATI causes inflammation in the gut lining
  • Mycotoxins in grains
  • Mycotoxins found in Gluten-Free food
  • Cortisol is spiked when inflammation is present
  • Grain-Muscle wasting cycle
  • Gluten triggers thyroid autoimmunity
  • FDA's definition of "Gluten"
  • The "Gluten-Free Whiplash"
  • The problems of "Prescription Pain Medication"
  • The director of the CDC's warning on the pain medication
  • Baby aspirin can cause intestinal erosion
  • 4 fundamental reasons why people have pain
    • Eating the wrong food
    • Environmental toxins
    • Hidden infection
    • Nutritional deficits (Mainly Vitamin D deficiency)