Monkey and Peanuts: The Story of Letting Go

The Monkey and Peanuts: The Story of Letting Go



The Monkey and Peanuts: The Story of Letting Go

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Today I have the story to tell. It’s a parable. It’s about the monkey and peanuts. It goes like this.

Back in the day in Thailand there is a village that is infested with monkeys. There were so many monkeys in this town that it started to cause problems to the local villagers and local farmers. The monkeys started to steal food from the people and fruits from the fruit trees. It got so bad that something had to be done. That’s when a wise man stepped up said to the community “I've got a plan”

He drilled a tiny hole on the side of a coconut and drained out the coconut water. The hole is big enough for the monkey's hand but too small for a monkey's fist to go through. Then he filled a third of it with peanuts and place it near the trees that those monkey frequently visit.

The monkey figured out that there are peanuts inside the coconut, so he stick his tiny hand in there and grabbed a handful of peanuts.

When the villagers saw that they chased after the monkey. The monkey is now furious, stress, fearful, and panicked. He now only has one free hand because the other hand is trapped in a coconut. The monkey would not let go of the peanuts. The monkey did not see that he could let go and free his other hand and climb away. He eventually got caught and killed by the villagers.

The moral of the story is to let go.

Let it go. 

I challenge you to look into your life right now and see where you are still holding on to the peanuts, despite the fact that it may be harming you greatly and may hinder your successes and ultimate potential.

I'll give you another story.

Back in the day there were two monks traveling the land. One is the novice monk and the other one is the master. Both monk came upon a river. There was a young woman at the river asking for help because she could not cross the river by herself. The older monk decided to carried the woman across the river which violated the monk's principle that state that a monk cannot touch a woman. He let her down on the other side of the river and the two monks continued on their journey. The novice monk remained silent for next few hours.

He finally expressed to the master, "I could not believe that a highly respected master like you would violate the monk rule and carried that woman. I am very disappointed in you master"

To which the master replied "I let her go many hours ago, but apparently you are still holding on to her"

The ability to let go is essential for healthy living. Often times we let these perceived negative events effect the way we live. Past events or experiences keep replaying in our minds creating mental restlessness and unnecessary stress. It's time that you stop that cycle and slowly ungrip the story, the things, the event, and you will start to feel that it has loosen its grip on you.

Just let go and free yourself.

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