6 Steps to Sleep Like a Baby

6 Steps to Sleep Like a Baby


6 Steps to Sleep Like a Baby

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In this episode I discuss a method that I came up with to help you fall asleep at night despite all of the stresses in your life. 


The acronym is U.S.L.E.E.P.

That’s right You-Sleep

1) Unplug 1 hour before bed

Undo all of the electronics. Be done with emails and the news feed. There is a reason it’s called feed. Because it’s literally feeding the mind. The mind is insatiable and it will never get full. By unplugging, you allow the mind to wind down.

What do I do?

Well… you can participate in non-screen activities. Participate in an act of cleanse by taking a warm shower or a bath. You can play with your dog and talk to your spouse or loved ones and be completely present. You can pour a cup of hot chamomile tea to help you relax. You can write journal and do a big mind dump. You can meditate or do light stretches. You can also listen to light music as well.

The goal is to tell your body and mind, “Hey we’re relaxing” and get out of the fight and flight situation. This allow you to focus on what’s in front of you right here, right now.


2) Say Gratitude

Gratitude is the best practice to happiness. 

The reason we can’t sleep is because we’re thinking about past or future events that are perceived to be stressful, bad, or uncertain. Gratitude is a great way to prime your brain to see the good things in life, which are always there, regardless of the circumstance. 

When you say gratitude or write down what you are grateful for…take a moment and really mean it, sink into it and feel it. There’s nothing worse than a person saying “Ah..shit, I have to do my gratitude exercises” If it becomes a burden, and you feel like you have to take the time to be thankful then it won’t work. This exercise is supposed to open your heart and fill it with love and appreciation.

Say and write down 3 things you are grateful for.

Example: I’m grateful for my family. Go deep and connect to the essence and feeling, not just the words you uttered. What does it mean to you? In what way will your life change if you don’t have your family?

Gratitude exercise allows you to look back upon your day and notice beautiful moments. What really stuck today? Take the time to relive those moment again before your throw it in the vault of memory and not to be revisited ever again.

It could be as simple as an exchanged smile at the grocery store check out line, or a funny text message from a friend.

Make that mental note.


3) Let go

The day is done. Let it go. It doesn’t matter how much stress you are in and how many projects or bills are due. Most of them can wait unless your house is burning down right at the moment. 

Be grateful that you made it through. You made it. Now let go of the day.

You are about to enter your sacred hours of sleep now. Thinking about non-sensical bullshit is selfish and disrespectful. By this time you should be so content just like you are at the spa’s waiting room. Yes you get your spa day every night, how cool is that?

Drop everything behind to honor your sleep, your health and your life.


4) Exit the mind

By this time you are in bed. Pay attention to the details of your bed and your partner if you have one. They should be in a similar state of relaxation and ready for bed like you. Feel how comfortable the bed is. Feel the softness and temperature of the blanket. The warmth of your partner’s body. You are so blessed, this is a perfect place to participate in your ritual where you are shut off for 7-8 hours and that you can trust your nervous system that you’ll wake up tomorrow.

If your bedroom is a clutter then clean it up. It will make exiting the mind easier. Remove all the things that are thoughts provoking. Minimize distraction and give yourself the chance to succeed.

Lights off.


5) Enter the breath

Are you ready to get trancy ? Lay on your back and focus on your breath and just pay attention to the Rhythm of Life. Feel the diaphragm expand as you inhale and contract as you exhale. Breath from the belly not the chest.

You might just as well smile at this point. Appreciating your respiratory system that are working diligently for you to feed you this fresh air. Let out a sound as you exhale. 

Repeat the breath 30 times. Then start scanning.

Notice your body against the soft bed, notice your neck starting to relax, if you feel any tension anywhere then relax it. Let it go. Notice your shoulders starting to relax, your legs starting to relax, your face starting to relax. That’s right. Relax your face. After you spend about a minute scanning and relaxing your body. Then back to the breath.

In-and-out.     In-and-out.

That’s your breath. Not cheeseburger.


6) Peace

This step does not required any action. 

All of the previous steps are designed for you to arrive here.

It’s impossible to fall asleep without reaching peace. The body and the mind have to agree that sleep is to happen.

Good night.



U - Unplug

S - Say Gratitude

L - Let go

E - Exit the mind

E - Enter the breath

P - Peace