019: Dr. Ryan Hewitt: How to Prevent Injuries and Maximize Performance in CrossFit

dr.ryan hewitt

Dr. Ryan Hewitt is a chiropractor, certified wellness practitioner, and avid athlete who has been a practicing chiropractor since 2008. He and his wife Kendra are the co-owners and operators of two successful all-cash Wellness Centers north of Boston called Merrimack Valley Wellness Center and In 8 Wellness Center. 

Dr. Ryan's specialty is in the realm of prevention, performance, and recovery of everyday and elite athletes. He is a former Crossfit regional and Crossfit games team competitor, and has been well-known in the CrossFit community since 2008. 

Recently he has been developing a program called Amplified Athletes that is geared towards improving biomechanics, metabolic recovery, and mental toughness for all athletes. He cares for dozens of CrossFitters ranging from your everyday box-goers to Crossfit Games Champions. 


  • Pain Model vs. Optimizing The Human Function Model
  • Chiropractic as a tool for prevention
  • Movement is medicine / Solving physical problem with physical solution.
  • Chiropractic as a tool to help him excel and perform at CrossFit.
  • Chiropractic as a tool for prevention, performance, and recovery.
  • Wellness Score
  • What’s your WHY? Why should you be healthy?
  • Homocysteine/ hs-CRP/ 
  • MPO biomarker for vessel health
  • LPPLA2 inflammatory biomarker for vessel health
  • Posture follows movement like a shadow
  • Master the fundamental movement
  • The importance of breath work
  • Chest breather / Belly Breather
  • Meditation
  • Box Breathing - Mark divine
  • The Big 4 of Mental Toughness (Mark Divine)
    • Breath Control
    • Visualization
    • Positive Mindset
    • Goals