017: Dr. Brad Ellisor: How to Raise Healthy Kids and treat ADHD Naturally



Dr. Brad Ellisor DC graduated from Life West Chiropractic College in 2004 and has practiced in the Pacific Northwest ever since.  He has dedicated his practice to working with families and people of all ages to live a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life.  

Dr. Brad is an expert in the field of natural health and wellness.  While his oldest daughter grew and experienced the world, he noticed an alarming trend of allergies, asthma, ADD, and other chronic illness like obesity, type 2 diabetes, etc… among even youngest children.  This caused for a transformation in his thinking and focus to making a difference in the lives and health of the next generation.  After extensively studying nutrition and the leaders in the pediatric natural health world he launched his podcast “Kids Eating Broccoli” to share the strategies, techniques, tips and tricks to support other parents and families to have a happier and healthier family life and the best chance for a great life for their children.



  • Why are we trading less nutritious food for time
  • High percentage of families are having family meals less than once a week
  • How to get the kids to be involved in the process of food creation
  • Eating is not only about the taste
  • Secrets to success is to build a solid nutritional foundation when the child are young
  • Limit or eliminate processed food to train your children’s brain to have less inclination toward processed food
  • The importance of creating a ‘less-stressful eating environment’
  • Allow the kids to participate
  • It starts with the parents
  • Use resources or services for meal planning
  • How do you prevent your children from exposure to toxic and less nutritious food at schools
  • Can’t say no all the time
  • The true implications of the child’s life
  • Lead poisoning crippled the Roman’s empire
  • How dietary and lifestyle changes can help with ADD or ADHD