016: Dr. Kyle Wallner: Chiropractic, Immunity, and Family Health


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Dr. Kyle is a Chiropractor, Neuro-Endocrin-Immunologist, warrior husband, and founder of the Michigan Family Wellness clinic in Southeast Michigan.  

He believes the foundations for personal resiliency are the Chiropractic adjustment and Nutritional Medicine.  

Furthermore, spinal adjustments and nutritional therapies are central for cultivating a family wellness lifestyle.

Dr. Kyle educates families on wellness & resiliency across the country via the Michigan Family Wellness Podcast.

Discussion Points

  • The relationship between the nervous system and the immune system
  • What is a chiropractic wellness adjustment?
  • Standard American Diet are promoting autoimmune diseases
  • The role of the gut on the immune system
  • How can your chiropractor help improve your immune system?
  • The mechanism of the immune system
  • How can people manage stress better by enhancing and optimize the nervous system
  • Recommended supplements to help with stress

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