013: Dr. Uffe Ravnskov: Exposing The Cholesterol Myth


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Dr. Ravnskov is a M.D. that also holds a Ph.D. in Internal Medicine and Nephrology. He is also an independent researcher, international speaker, and lecturer. He is also the director of T.H.I.N.C.S, The International Network of Cholesterol Skeptics. He has published over 70+ research papers on around the subject of fat and cardiovascular disease. His latest paper was published in the British Medical Journal finding that there is no correlation between the LDL (or what your doctors may call “Bad Cholesterol”) and the mortality rate, his work has been cited by many experts.

He also wrote a book “The Cholesterol Myth” Exposing the Fallacy that Saturated Fat and Cholesterol cause heart disease.


  • No evidence that high Cholesterol is dangerous
  • The history of the Lipid Hypothesis and Ancel Keys
  • The comparison between two Greek islands in the same climate, one consumes much more saturated fat and less heart disease.
  • The danger of trans-fatty acid (trans fat)
  • The concept of Statistical Deception: How Big Pharma Lies
  • Relative Improvement vs Absolute Improvement
  • Serious Side Effects of Statins
  • Pharmaceutical Companies influencing the trials
  • NO evidence by lowering saturated fat you are lowering heart disease

19 studies show that elderly people Those with highest LDL live the longest